The Story is designed to help people KNOW God's Story. When people identify with God's Story, they LIVE it out and SHARE it in everyday life.

Only God's Story helps us understand our world and make sense of our lives. That's why it's vital for ALL disciples to truly grasp the power of God's Story, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Story focuses on four major themes of the Bible:
  • Creation
  • the Fall
  • Rescue
  • Restoration

  • When your leaders know the power of God's Story, they will do what comes naturally: They will help others to know it too. Discipleship starts here.

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    The Gospel is a new way to live. It's central to grasping the new identity we have in Christ. When your people live in light of the Gospel, it changes everything.

    Learn more about The Story ESV Bible (Crossway), with introductions to each book of the Bible and how they fit into God's overarching story and connect to Creation, The Fall, Rescue, and Restoration!
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    When you know God's Story, you live it, and when you live God's Story, you cannot help but share it. That's the power of the Gospel.

    The Story provides tools and resources to help you share the Gospel with your friends, neighbors, your city, and the world!

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